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East Coast-Based Consulting Firm, Vikingo & Co, To Bring a New Wave of Creativity to the Industry

Updated: Mar 20, 2023


Contact: Jay Vikingo

Phone: 410-300-1324

BALTIMORE, MD (March 16, 2023) - The unprecedented social and economic changes brought about by recent events have left many businesses struggling to maintain their pre-pandemic levels of efficiency. However, the question remains: is efficiency the key to success, or is it innovation? According to Forbes contributor Phill Lewis, it is the latter. In a recent article, he argues that the key to success in the 21st century is unlocking human creativity to inspire innovation, rather than relying on ruthless efficiency. As a result, many companies are now prioritizing innovation, with approximately 75% of businesses considering it a key priority and 35% placing it above all others. However, only 30% of companies believe they are truly proficient in this area.

Recognizing this shifting paradigm and the need for change in the consulting industry, visionary entrepreneur Jay Vikingo founded VIKINGO & CO, a top-quality strategic consulting firm that specializes in providing innovative solutions to small and early-stage businesses. "At VIKINGO & CO, we believe that unlocking innovation is not enough. Our approach centers on unleashing the full potential of human creativity to cultivate innovation, which is the hallmark of our mission of intellectual excellence and innovative spirit," said Jay Vikingo.

One frequently cited critique of contemporary business organizations is the pervasive homogeneity of their personnel, characterized by a marked predilection for individuals hailing from narrow institutional pedigrees and similar social and cultural upbringings. This trend can exacerbate the challenge of perpetuating a cycle of misrepresentation throughout the firm, as a lack of diversity in backgrounds and perspectives can lead to a stagnation of ideas and innovation.

However, VIKINGO & CO has taken a proactive stance in addressing this issue by prioritizing the recruitment of exceptional thought leaders who possess a demonstrable track record of bringing intrinsic value to the organizations they have served. As a result of this strategy, VIKINGO & CO has engendered a culture of innovation and agility, yielding a surplus of novel and inventive ideas that transcend conventional paradigms. This proclivity towards "out of the box" thinking highlights VIKINGO & CO's seamless adaptation to an ever-evolving, complex, and interconnected business landscape, cementing their position as a preeminent industry newcomer and setting a new standard of excellence for the businesses they serve.

In the early stages of their operations, the firm has demonstrated a notable commitment to social responsibility and community engagement, notably volunteering a helping hand to several locally owned businesses in the Baltimore area that have found themselves in dire straits. Such philanthropic endeavors are slated to persist until the summer of 2023, indicative of the firm's steadfast dedication to changing the narrative in the consulting industry.

VIKINGO & CO is a cutting-edge business and strategy consulting firm on a mission to deliver eccentric solutions to their clients' most challenging situations. Through the use of "out of the box" methods, they aim to break the monotony of business consulting. Their services include Business Process Improvement, Operations, Strategy, People Operations, and Diversity & Inclusion. To learn more, visit VIKINGO & CO.

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